E-Class Mercedes

The E-Class range from Mercedes-Benz is extremely popular and with good reason; it’s design is 

flawless and it driving abilities are very impressive on the road. It’s a great vehicle to own and it’s 

important to make sure that you only fit original, high quality replacement parts when necessary. 

The suspension system of the E-Class Mercedes-Benz is very important and it will help you to drive 

safely and effortlessly on our roads. This is why Hattingh Motors specialise in high quality parts and 

accessories for your car’s suspension, including shocks, air struts and accessories. We have more than 

20 years of experience in the automotive industry and will provide you with a superior service level. 

When it comes to original, high quality parts, we are a leading supplier for car owners. Hattingh Motors 

imports and distributes original Arnott suspension parts for E-Class Mercedes-Benz models. These 

replacement parts can be fitted by our technicians to ensure proper fitment and reliable service. We are 

based in Gauteng and we can help you to find the perfect part for your Mercedes-Benz.

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