Replacement Components for Air Suspension

When it comes to style, comfort and safe driving, Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly one of the most 

popular brands in the automotive industry. Their suspension systems are among the smoothest on 

the road, which is why they should be properly maintained at all times. These sysmtesm need to be 

maintained by a professional team with experience in all model cars. 

Replacement components for the Mercedes-Benz air suspension can be professionally fitted by

Hatting Motors who imports and distributes original Arnott parts and accessories. Our technicians are 

well trained in all aspects of these suspension systems and we will make sure that your car is wellmaintained. The air suspension of these vehicles are extremely light and comfortable, enabling your car 

to glide across the road and provide the driver with absolute comfort.

Hattingh Motors imports and distributes genuine Arnott parts, allowing customers to benefit from 

reliable, valuable parts and accessories for their vehicles. Our team of technicians can supply all your 

air suspension and replacement parts and assist you with professional fitment services. We are based 

in Gauteng and support our valued customers from all parts of the country.

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