Air Spring

Suspension parts are important for every Mercedes-Benz model; these are the systems that keep your 

car on the road and allow you to drive safely to your next destination. In addition to that, suspension 

parts also allow you to enjoy your driving experience. Mercedes-Benz suspension parts consists of a 

wide variety of items including shock absorbers, air springs and accessories. 

We import and distribute original Arnott suspension parts for all Mercedes-Benz models in South 

Africa. We are based in Gauteng and have a highly qualified team that can take care of parts and 

fitment services for our valued customers. We also provide air spring assembly kits that includes 

various fittings that will allow for a complete and easy fitment. Speak to one of our consultants for more 

information on professional suspension parts and services. 

When it comes to the professional fitment off suspension parts for a Mercedes-Benz, we are your 

number one team and installation partner. From air springs to shock absorbers – we have more than 20 

years of experience in the automotive industry and will make sure that you get the perfect part for your 

specific vehicle model.

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