ML Mercedes

The ML range from Mercedes-Benz is truly a remarkable one and apart from its stylish design, it also 

offers a superior driving experience. This is partly due to its advanced suspension system that allows 

drivers to be safer on the road while offering a very smooth driving experience. The ML Mercedes-Benz

range is perfect for outdoor driving pleasure as well as long road trips with the family.

Suspension parts consist of various products including shocks, air struts and suspension kits. These 

parts need to be in a perfect condition to allow your vehicle to be safe on the roads while traveling. It's 

always important to make sure that you use a professional fitment centre for the installation and repair 

of any replacement suspension parts for your Mercedes-Benz ML model. 

Hattingh Motors is a reliable supplier of genuine Arnott suspension parts and accessories and we carry 

a wide range of replacement parts for your ML Mercedes-Benz. Our team is ready to provide you with 

an outstanding customer experience as well as professional advice on all ML Mercedes-Benz parts.

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